The Will to Act

I’ve just had this compulsion to come to grips with what my past year has been like… But I really just want to focus on one thing right now, and it is the lessons that I’ve learned by not having a job. Or rather, by not having a boss, and having to in a lot... Continue Reading →

Bend or Break

I just had an interesting inclination to tell myself to not judge myself based off of how much money that I have and am making today. Because if I were to judge myself based on my life circumstances a few months ago, I could easily come up with the conclusion that I have actually gotten... Continue Reading →

My Hypothesis is This…

My hypothesis is this: if I push my body farther than it’s ever been, in weight, strength, size, and speed, then I will be more equipped to handle the stresses, challenges, and setbacks, that will accompany me on my journey on the pursuit of health, wealth, love and happiness. I believe that the reason why... Continue Reading →

Powerful Routines

Powerful routines are more important than most of us realize. I came up with the importance of this idea after studying successful businessmen, and reading powerful books like the “Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. I have adopted routines that have complimented me greatly. They include reading every single day, listening to educational podcasts, writing everyday,... Continue Reading →

Following the Call to Action

I get asked by people all of the time, "Will you become a teacher?" I get asked this because I am an English major in school, and automatically people assume that the only logical thing for me to do is become a teacher. Now on a personal level, I love teaching, in fact it is... Continue Reading →

Dreams for a Living

This will be a short article, but one that is predicated on a simple, yet huge idea that is not conventionally taught. Steven Spielberg intelligently states in a speech entitled “Dreams for a Living,” that our dreams are not going to be obvious, and will not scream at us the path we are to follow.... Continue Reading →

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