SEO in 2017

The world of SEO has changed in the last 20 years.  Simple tricks like changing back-links, key- word stuffing, and the usage of other poor on- page SEO practices are no longer going to hit. The game is now ruled by content. Content marketing is the name of the game, and as it should be. The shopping experience is now ruled by a more educated and thus a more picky buyer that will not buy from a business that does not have the ability to create the impression that that business has authority and will in fact deliver what is promised in its unique selling proposition. Buyer’s want to see information, they want to see that you in fact know the ins-and-outs of your industry and will know exactly how to help them generate more leads, and close more deals. In conjunction with this idea is the proposition that business owners must come to acknowledge that your business’s website is an investment and the home base for your company that must reflect your ability to deliver. “Pretty websites… are rarely websites that convert as well as unpretty ones”- Seth Godin. As digital marketers it is imperative that we understand that the game is no longer to set up our clients with “well- optimized” websites that just look pretty. We also need to do our best to provide our clients with the most correct, and direct instruction to tell a story of who they are and why they are. As the most trusted advisors to our clients, we must lead them in the direction of creating a well thought out strategy that can engross them so that they understand the tactics required to execute on and achieve their sales goals. Once a strategy is in place, you and your client are in a the ideal position to create a website that not only looks good, but performs as it should. But the word “perform” is not just a fancy term for only increasing traffic, what you really want to have it do is double the conversion rate and create a system where the site itself helps your client’s customers trust them, buy from them, and then repeat and refer. This is the game of finding out how to get that hour-glass marketing scheme instead of that sales- funnel that is based of off acquiring traffic from and increasingly competitive marketplace and all to get that one sale. Strategy should always comes before tactics, and without it, we as SEO experts will fail to provide our clients with the services that they need to achieve their sales goals.

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