3 Effective Methods of Power Link Building

Building high-quality backlinks is a big part of the game of SEO. Before, link building was a game of volume. The more links that you acquired the higher you or your client’s site would rank. Google soon caught up with the fact that SEO companies were using creative tactics to acquire as many backlinks for their clientele’s websites as possible, and ever since big updates like the Penguin update, SEO companies have had to reassess their marketing strategies.

Now, adopting Google’s philosophy of quality, relevance, trust, and authority is the only way to win. Websites must provide user’s with quality information to create authority for their business. Great content attracts the best kinds of links. In fact experts are now saying that 90% off all efforts should be focused on creating great content and only 10% should be focused on link building because great content naturally attracts the best kinds of links. Valuable content will always attract the safest and most valuable links. But some sound methods that can be applied to get those high quality links are:

  1. Inbound guest blogging- Invite people from other websites and publications to provide you with fresh, exclusive, and relevant content that will prove to be useful for your audience. The higher the relevance, the higher the quality of backlinks you will attract.
  2. Outbound guest blogging- Submit content on third-party websites high in quality and that are relevant to your niche. Leveraging their audience for traffic and sales is the name of this game. Publishing semi-regular posts to establish links back to your website and generate traffic still remains a great way to generate backlinks. When done strategically this method can supplement your link building.
  3. Competitor analysis- A competitor analysis is a great way to capitalize on the hard work that your competition has done to establish high rankings on Google. Knowing what links your competitors have can make your campaigns better in many ways. Copying footprints and finding and listing  your competition’s backlink profile are great leveraging techniques. Tools like SEMRush.com and Ahrefs.com are great for accessing detailed profiles and data about their strategies.

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