The Remarkable Value in Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click

Today, one of the best advertising opportunities available to you and your business’s site to gain visibility on Google’s search engine, is Google AdWords. Your business will be easier for others to discover as people search for the terms relevant to your business. Google even makes incredible use of its ad-placement model to encourage clicks for you. By learning how to bid on your keyword terms and how to customize a Google pay-per-click campaign for your website, you can drive hundreds of people to your website simply by targeting specific terms. If you have been running an AdWords campaign for a while now that has been slowing down in terms of bringing in more leads, what you actually have is a pot of information that can be utilized to  reverse engineer real user data that is specific to the parameters you can then set for your new custom program. There are several ways to use AdWords to run tests that will help with pay-per-click and SEO campaigns.

All businesses should supplement their marketing strategies with a qualified PPC campaign. The only marketing investments that can beat SEO as a standalone tactic is an SEO campaign that includes an AdWords campaign. The reason is because even with the deployment of the best SEO tactics, it is not possible for a company to rank on Google for every single variation of the targeted keyword phrases. AdWords then becomes a fantastic tool to pay for clicks on elusive keywords that you or your SEO agency could not get traction for any other way. Plus, and naturally, deploying SEO tactics is a marathon. An organic SEO program can take months to get going, so until rankings improve, using an AdWords program to pay for clicks will help augment your marketing strategy in the meantime. Then as your rankings continue to improve you can adjust your PPC strategy according to the performance of those organic rankings.

One good, and practical tactic to employ is to create and install conversion- tracking code. What this does is track how certain keywords may trigger a contact email message, or how certain keyword clicks may result in a phone call to your business This is not a common attribute of most websites, and it definitely should be. This type of information is useful because it allows you to pinpoint which keywords you should target to increase your conversion rates, and ultimately your SEO success.

What’s so great about Google AdWords is that it allows you to hit your competition directly where it hurts. With AdWords you can immediately get search engine visibility for the best keyword searches as long as you pay for it. What you can also do is bid on your competitor’s trademark as a keyword in your PPC campaign. This makes it so that when people search for your competitor’s name or variation of it, your ad will appear at the top of those searches. This is a great way to leverage your competitions’ marketing dollars that may have been heavily invested in TV, radio, and print advertising.



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