What I’ve learned by working for a direct marketing company

After recently getting hired by a direct marketing company, I must say that I have learned a lot.  Not only from the amazing training that I have been receiving, but from my actual experience on the field as an ambassador and a representative of our client. While I normally make marketing my primary study and the bread and butter of my business, I have just learned just how effective direct, face-to-face marketing is and its numerous advantages over indirect marketing. Direct marketing is a methodology in which you address your message to a specific person. So phone calls, email, paper mail, and street teaming are all great examples of this. But what I’ve learned what works best is the face-to-face marketing that is done through retail events, corporate events, trade shows, and street teaming. The conversion rate, when there is a proven methodology, like the one that my company has, can be as good as 1/25. While if anyone knows the conversion rate for T.V. commercials, a form of indirect marketing, is as high as 1/250,000.

Now in an age where digital marketing is the new thing, it is easy for people to neglect the power of the plain old face-to-face campaign. In fact this is exactly how Uber was able to dominate its market. Its service is not necessarily light years better than its major competitor Lyft; the company simply got people on the streets and at events whose job it was to go out and promote their brand. What is so beneficial about these types of campaigns is not only the fact that they have higher conversion rates when compared to T.V. commercials and billboards, but through face-to-face interactions you are also granted the ability to change someone’s perception about your product or service. It is also far more personal, as you can tailor your product or service to your clients wants and needs on the spot. Of course these benefits must be taken with a grain of salt, as they are primarily based on the skillset of the sales force in which you place your business in the hands off, and the measures that are used to train them.

The law of average states that with any action repeated over and over, a pattern develops. This is what is taught in sales, and the law that sales people use to predict when that next sale will come. It also applies to indirect and direct marketing. Numbers don’t lie, and it is those numbers that show the effectiveness of direct marketing. Indirect marketing is just too impersonal. It provides you with less quality leads, and it can’t tailor your product to your clients specific needs. I would even also consider the mass email a form of indirect marketing. My primary message here, to fellow business owners and marketers, is to not forget the power of the face-to-face marketing campaign. It is so easy now to think that that mass email and the creation of sales funnels are the only ways to market and sell your product. The fact is that if you wish to truly dominate your market, all of these channels should be used, both direct and indirect. With so many competitors aiming for dominant market share, relying on one method alone can be fatal for the long-term valuation of your business.

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