Outreach: Can you shine without it?

The importance of outreach cannot be understated when talking about internet exposure. You can have some of the best content on the web, but if nobody reads it, it’s useless. For the majority of websites, content will need to be promoted before anyone will ever read or share it. New content creators must keep that in mind as sometimes content needs that push to get the attention that it deserves.

Even though there have been some products and companies that have succeeded online without having to think about outreach and promotion, experience tells us that this appears to be the exception, and not the rule, as the web is becoming more and more competitive every single day. Outreach can help give your website the exposure that it needs in order to thrive. Inciting the promotion yourself will also quicken the pace in which promotion can start to happen naturally instead of only relying on word of mouth referrals to drive traffic and links.

One of the first steps to creating a successful outreach campaign is to think about whom you should be promoting your content to, and how you are going to get their attention. You have to think about who might care about enough about your content to share it with their audience. Finding the right influencers for your content area is important because you don’t want to waste time contacting people who are not interested in what you have to say. Once this has been accomplished, you must then construct a message that can be sent to those influencers and think about the best way to contact them. Email is very common, but today Instagram may be one if the best platforms. Simply direct messaging them through that platform is one of the best tactics of 2017. Phoning people can also be very effective. Many higher ups from magazines and newspapers will pick up the phone if you are reaching out to the correct person.

You must not forget to also target the people who have the ability to send you traffic that converts into revenue. This ensures that your work will generate real customers and not just links and social shares. Event though scaling and speed are important in outreach, personalizing each email or direct message is also crucial for each recipient as a lot of influencers and website owners are savvy enough to see through an email template. This does not mean you must construct a a totally new message for each potential collaborator, but rather a simple switch that shows the recipient that they are getting a message that is catered to them and their brand. Experimentation and volume is the name of this game if you wish to be successful.



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