The Importance of Massive Action

I have been thinking about what massive action consists of lately, as it is a concept that I hear a lot about in the self-improvement and entrepreneurship community. I believe that it becomes the major difference between me dabbling in entrepreneurship and me actually becoming an entrepreneur. I think that so far, I have taken a lot of action in learning, but I haven’t taken enough action in application. So its like a Yin-Yang kind of thing, you need both to be successful. With graduation coming there is a pressure that comes with it. How I’ve come to see it is that it all depends on how hard I can hit the pavement in the next few months, so that I can answer those hard questions like, “What is your plan?” and then “How will you do this?”

Though there has been a lot of downside to my focus on just acquisition of knowledge in the past year, such as the little profit and a prolonged action resistant, numerous benefits have also come out of that continuous pursuit of knowledge. I believe that the upsides consist of me learning a lot and gaining more direction; I know what it is that I am most interested in, I know a few things that I am not as good at, I know more about the type of work that I like doing versus the work that I don’t like doing. The process has also helped make me more of a conversationalist, so now I can go to more professional settings and talk to incredibly smart people, and ask good, intelligent questions that lead others to believe that I am worth talking and networking with. I can also relate more to people, as I believe that my readings have made me a more compassionate person and thus more of a leader.

But what is this ‘massive action’ that will push me forward? How do you define it? While writing this, I came up with a definition. I basically break it down like this: massive action is the shortening of the gap between the acquisition of knowledge to the application of that knowledge. I’ve come to realize that it is the shortening of that gap that is crucial to massive action, or any type of action at all. On the other hand what we have is just the constant acquisition of knowledge, and thus the continuous pushing away of the application of that knowledge that need come out of it. So now how I like to think about it is, as soon as I learn something, I must apply it either right away, or that same or next day, no later. What I have noticed is that the longer you wait before you go from acquisition to application the harder it will be for you to take the level of action needed to change your life for the better.

Often times all that prevents us from taking the action that could change our lives is fear. For the only reason why we don’t do the important things that could potentially change our lives in a positive way is because of it. It’s often an emotional response to a problem or situation, and that very emotional response holds us back. It is not rational. The only option that we have against fear is to fight it. Some of the best ways I know to fight it are affirmations, and just adopting the mindset of “just do it.” It sounds simplistic, but adopting these frames of mind are crucial if we are to actualize our dreams and ambitions.

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