The Power of Reflection

The power of reflection is an idea that I have been conjuring up for some time now. I reflect often, for as a writer, it is only natural. The constant documentation of my thoughts help me to organize what it is that is in my mind. I believe that it is a tool that is not utilized enough, and is thus undervalued. With reflecting, or rather through reflection, we are able to see ourselves from another lens. Not a new, but our own, just from a different direction. Through reflection we are able to become our own mentors, and create deeper, more worthwhile relationships with other people. Being able to flesh out our true feelings and reach our core is what enables us to become more self-aware. Through that self-awareness we get a better grasp of who it is that we are and what it is that we want.

As a young adult I believe that it is important to constantly self-assess what it is that is going on within our lives, because if we do not, then it often left up to those within our lives to dictate how the state of our lives are going and are projected to be. But the power to reaffirm by our own will and might what our own weaknesses, strengths, passions, talents, values, and mistakes are, is us as individuals ultimately taking control of the perspective and path of our lives. This ability of self-reflection is what enables us to become greater leaders of ourselves and thus greater contributors to society.

Know thyself, improve thyself, and complement thyself. — These are principles that are to be followed if one is to overcome the barriers of self-improvement and intellectual advancement. Through the practice of reflection one is granted with the ability to catapult their learning, especially as it pertains to knowledge of self. For anyone who wishes to enact a series of reflections, or simply to create a habit of constant reflection I recommend, writing, journalism, blogging, vlogging, making voice memos, etc.; and these mediums need not be public. They are simply modern day providers of an opportunity to get in touch with ourselves and reflect. It is a highly rewarding process that ceases to surprise and enlighten me on my path to success and fulfillment, and I wish it as a gift and power to those who wish to improve the quality of their lives.

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