Dreams for a Living

This will be a short article, but one that is predicated on a simple, yet huge idea that is not conventionally taught. Steven Spielberg intelligently states in a speech entitled “Dreams for a Living,” that our dreams are not going to be obvious, and will not scream at us the path we are to follow. Our dreams will not blatantly tell us what it is we are to do with our lives, and how we shall bring value to society. Rather, they will come off as a whisper, and thus something that we must pay attention to. I believe that listening is the key word here. As it is only by listening that we come to grip with certain ideas that can push us forward. We must listen to others, and we must listen to our own hearts if we are to make contact with our true being. This way of thinking is predicated upon one’s ability to be patient in their pursuits, and to have a prevalent un-swindling self- belief that there is a way to properly navigate the mazes of life. Life can be extremely difficult and painful, so let us listen so that we may navigate to higher realms of being and fulfillment.

At every moment of our lives, there is a chance that we may hear this whisper. It sneaks up on us, and it is something that we must be aware of so that we can receive the message. Spielberg says that “When it tickles your heart,” you may be on to something. That very feeling could be what we should follow. Often it is the little things that we do, fall into, or experience, that give us the sensation that this is what we must follow and do for the rest of our lives. And in doing so, society benefits. It is as if your unique puzzle piece perfectly assimilates with the grand-all puzzle.

There is a quote by the Dalai Lama that resonates with me when I write on this subject. In it he says, “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” Since it is by listening from which we acquire new information, it is important to listen more instead of talk. For even when we are talking to someone who may say forty-nine wrongs for every right, sometimes all it takes is that one right that may take us to the next level in our self- development and self-actualization. In finality of this grand idea I say, may we listen more than we talk, and may we exercise patience more than we do frustration.

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