The Importance of Political Literacy

I haven’t been posting as many blogs as usual, but it is primarily because the information that I have been taking in hasn’t been as useful as I would like for the general masses. A lot of what I have been consuming as of late has been politically and economically based, and not as much of the personal developmental content that I still regularly consume. This shift has been brought by my ambition to increase my political and economic awareness. The reason behind this ambition is so that I can continue on my path and goal towards social influence and relevance in society.  So to feed this goal I have been consuming literature on some of America’s most popular leaders such as Lincoln’s Melancholy by Joshua Wolf Shenk, and John F. Kennedy by Alan Brinkley, have been learning about common beliefs of both the right and the left, and have made it a habit to listen to podcasts by intelligent economists.

Though this is just the beginning of my goal to political and economic awareness, I must say that the results thus far have been astounding. Perhaps the biggest results that I have received have been an increase in my level of historical knowledge, development of my own political stance, and a greater understanding of several of our countries central issues. This new wave of information is absolutely refreshing as I have learned more about our government in the last few weeks than I have in the entire duration of my formal education.

What I have learned from my professors, was likely to be one-sided and biased. My developing ideas have made me a verbal contender in my classes, as with my newfound awareness I have begun to disagree with my peers and even professors, who may not be aware of the full effects of the stances that they take. It’s refreshing to learn the raw information, and then do with it as you please. Once you do this, you become an independent thinker and become capable of developing ideas that you can become passionate about and maybe one day, bring into fruition.

Often we are taught concepts, but not taught how to think about them. Frankly modern education isn’t supplying students with a structure on how to think about a lot of the events that occur. More often than not we are simply heading into the same dense frame of thought as everyone else because we haven’t done the homework necessary to form independent intelligent opinions on certain issues. This then leads to an imbalance of ideas that hinders our ability to come to the sound consensus’s that can bring about real change for all of us. So I challenge my fellow students and young people to really do their research on the political issues that are happening today. By doing so I am confident that you can awaken your level of awareness and become a greater asset to society at large.

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