My Hypothesis is This…

My hypothesis is this: if I push my body farther than it’s ever been, in weight, strength, size, and speed, then I will be more equipped to handle the stresses, challenges, and setbacks, that will accompany me on my journey on the pursuit of health, wealth, love and happiness.

I believe that the reason why I am not yet capable of living the life that I want to live yet, the life of economic freedom, the capacity to start a family, and the means to travel the world, is because I am not “ready” yet, in every sense. Mentally, spiritually, economically, and physically, I do not yet have the means to attract this type of lifestyle that I desire.

There is a quote and it goes something like this, “Every next level of your life will demand another level of you.” I take this quote into serious consideration because in order for me to get to this level; the level that said that I could get a girlfriend, gain the respect of my peers, quit my job, and build a lifestyle where I could set my hours, set my price-point, all while feeling useful and important, could not have been achieved if I didn’t step my personal level of achievement up. I had to study, build a stronger body, set goals, and get out of my comfort zone. I had to completely change my habits in order to change my life.

Now, while I still continue to achieve at my current rate, I believe that there is still more that I can do. While I do take in mind that I must be patient, as Gary Vee, one of my mentors so fervently preaches, I am also aware enough, if not to a fault, that I must step up my level of effort and focus. I believe this because of my experiences in the past year during which I had to step up my effort, my focus, and my intensity in key areas in order to instill the belief in myself that I could achieve that feats that I sought.

What started me on this path of achievement was my choice step up my body. I trained all last year so that I could begin pushing my limits. What this miraculously did, was encourage me to also step up my mental capacities. The confidence that I got from the visuals that my body was growing, and that my consistency had an actual positive effect, encouraged me to set regimens in the other parts of my life so that my efforts could continue to compound. This trickling off of succession and achievement was an absolute breakthrough for me, as it translated into me feeling like I had the power to change my life. All it required was sweat, consistency, a little bit of talent, and dedication.

Now here on November 24, 2017, nearing the end of the year, I am reflecting on my achievements, the failures, the upcoming challenges, and the opportunities that await me. But to actually achieve and seize this new level of achievement that I seek, and actually step up to that next level of economic freedom, I believe that I must once again push myself in the simplest, most concrete manner that I know how; and it starts with my body, once more.

My training had begun to stagnate in the past few months. I believe it was combination of factors. It was due to some minor injuries, distractions, lack of drive, work, and a failure to set defined physique goals. So this habit of “drifting” began to trickle off into other parts of my life. My relationships, my job, my level of motivation, it was all connected, mind, body, and soul, and they all began to suffer.

So here, nearing the end of the year, with new goals to hit, I must step it up. Even in my visions of my life, the life where I have the capacity to do what I want to do, I am on another level. So it only makes sense to start leveling up in one of the most fundamental places that I know how, the gym. I believe that the effect of pushing my body to limits that it’s never experienced before, will again trickle off into the other core facets of my life. I will build a stronger, smarter, faster, more disciplined body that will allow me to step up to the next level. With the constant surges of confidence, dominance, and achievement, I will inevitably set myself up to achieve more than I have ever achieved.

This is my hypothesis. On the grounds of how I have set up myself to achieve more in the past, I believe that by doubling down on the knowledge gained by my own experiences, and those whom I have studied, this will work. In fact, I have already seen some of the effects. I am once again, excited to be alive, and excited by the prospect that I am pushing my limits, and moving past my rigid comfort zones. 2018 here we come. A new chapter is ahead, and if I want to mold the future how I envision it, I must rise to the challenge, so let’s do it.




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