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My name is Matthew Jacquet, and my goal is to become and be regarded as a master architect of business and sales. Though I have a background that would suggest that accomplishing such a task is out of reach or simply improbable, I’ve expended a large amount of time and dedication towards this goal, and I plan to continue on this path until I have achieved what I seek out.  As a 21 year old I am proud to say that I have spent over $4,000 dollars in the past 8 months of me writing this, on training programs, books, and audios, that would benefit me and increase the probability that I will be successful in the realms of business. Recently, I have started my own agency that I call MD Media Management, which aims to provide measurable, and trackable marketing plans and tactics to increase sales in small to medium, and eventually large sized businesses.

This endeavor was put in place by my mental expansion and dedication to self- improvement, which I knew would be required of me if I were to ever live a life of freedom. For I know that the only way for me to live the life with those that I love in which we can travel, make money, and have fun, is by dedicating myself to solving and breaking down the obstacles and challenges that are in the way of my ideal way of life. The typical 9-5 work- life approach won’t work for me because I know myself and how I operate. I think too huge, expect too much from myself and others, and am constantly seeking ways to push myself in ways that I can be beyond the average norm. I am also aware of the severe drawbacks that come along with small- minded thinking and thinking in terms of limitations and competition. I want to dominate my market and reach out and network with others who think as I do. Through this blog I hope to enlighten people who are interested in marketing/internet marketing and make valuable connections with individuals like myself who have huge goals and wish to thrive forever.

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